Dialog - Consulting for Human Resources

Expertise and experience turn Dialog - Consulting for Human Resources into Israel's leading recruitment company for the hitech industry.

Dialog - Consulting for Human Resources

Dialog - Consulting for Human Resources

Dialog – Consulting for Human Resources is one of Israel's leading companies for recruitment and placement of quality employees for hi-tech Industry. Since 1997 Dialog has been providing recruitment and HR solutions for leading global and local companies including: Aeroscout, Fiverr, Western Digital, CISCO, Cyber Observer and many other large and small companies in the Tech fields. Dialog assists companies in need of professionals to find the right person for the right position as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our accumulated expertise in the technological industries, extensive professional networks, dozens of skilled recruiters and advanced methodologies enable us to locate exactly the right candidate for your company's needs. Dialog Specialize in recruitment and placement for the following professions: Software and Hardware, Engineering, R&D, IT, QA, System and Networks, Internet, Executives etc.

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Lior Turjman , Head of Marketing and Business Development

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11 Menachem Begin st. Ramat Gan, 5268104